How to Motivate Young Musician

Kids and music have a soul connection. Right from the time they are nestled in their mother’s womb, a yet-to-be-born baby enjoys musical notes.

If you are a parent, you would have played fun, peppy numbers innumerable times to distract your child, and a soft, calm song to soothe your baby. Music washes over children like magic. Tons of researchers have concluded the positive effects of music on children.

If you have a musically-inclined child, you will tend to think that your job as a parent becomes much easier! Your child would have high levels of concentration, be an ardent multi-tasker, and would be focused on the word ‘go’.

Best Ways to Motivate your Child to Practice Music:

However, parenting a young musical genius is no joke. If you are a parent of a musically-inclined child, you must be aware of how tough a job it is! Even though your child might love music, motivating him/her to stay on track can be quite difficult.

Young musicians often have a problem of being unmotivated.The parents have to struggle to make them stick to a particular instrument. You have to think about innovative ways to motivate your child to practice Music.

So, here we are, with some very helpful and practical tips to motivate your young musical child:

1] Musical Books:

This one is a bit of an unconventional method, but very practical and effective. So, if your child loves Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Cinderella, etc., introduce them to musical versions of these books. These fun books provide your child with a break from the monotony of regular musical pieces.

Listening to these books will pump them up about learning to play musical pieces related to their favourite characters. This, in turn, will motivate them to pick up their musical instruments and get going – one of the most practical ways on how to motivate young musician.

2] Get Them to Have a Deeper Understanding of their Instrument:

The more a child understands the intricacies of a particular musical instrument, the more they will be fascinated to pick it up. Let your child listen to musical pieces or recordings featuring their favourite instrument. Take them to the local music store, and have them pick CDs featuring their favourite artists.

The internet is a treasure trove. Engage with your child to download music featuring their instrument. Even better, watch videos with them on YouTube. This type of personal engagement is one of the best ways to motivate your child to practice Music.

3] Experience Live Music:

There is no experience more exhilarating than watching a live concert – it is one of the best ways to motivate your child to practice music. Watching a live band, your child’s young musical mind will be motivated to perform on a stage one day. It allows him/her to idolize, to visualize and to set goals for oneself.

A musically-inclined child will never be able to ignore the push that comes from watching a live concert.

4] Music Camps:

Every year, many musical camps and youth programs are organized for young child musicians. These programs and camps provide a conducive environment for young minds to interact and expand their reach.

It is the perfect platform for your child to unwind and make productive use of his/her time. Apart from having musical coaches, these camps also offer other extra-curricular activities – sports, indoor games, dancing, etc.

After all, learning while having fun is the best solution on how to Motivate Young Musician.

5] Playing with Friends:

Encourage your child to invite friends over, who are also musically-inclined. Playing music together in an unstructured environment allows kids to develop their creativity. They can explore, experiment and have some fun with their friends.

As a parent, do not try to control the situation. Do keep in mind that letting your kid unwind in his/her personal space is one of the best ways to motivate your child t practice Music.

These were some of our top tips on motivating your musically-inclined child and keeping him/her on track. Remember the golden rule of not trying to control a particular situation. At times, the best way to motivate your child to practice music is to leave them alone!