Did you know???

Throughout most of his adolescent life, Kurt Cobain (lead vocalist and guitarist, Nirvana) had battled depression and pain due to a chronic stomach condition. Because of stomach problems he blamed on the stresses of performing, he self-medicated by use of heroin. This use developed into an addiction, which he battled until his death on April 5, 1994 at the age of 27. Cobain is widely believed and is legally recognized to have committed suicide with a shotgun his best friend Dylan Carlson bought for him. Dylan Carlson was rumored to be the inspiration for the song ” In Bloom”. Kurt Cobain’s body was discovered three days later in his home by an electrician who had been commissioned to install security lighting. Toxicology experts have stated that even though Cobain’s tolerance level was extremely high, the amount of heroin injected into his body would have been enough to kill him (225 mg, three times the lethal dosage for an addict, 75 times the lethal dosage for a non-user). His death triggered several copycat suicides, and the unclear circumstances surrounding it inspired a multitude of conspiracy theories stemming from the investigations of detective Tom Grant.