Did you know???

Yanni (Pianist) was the first major Western Artist ever to perform and record at India’s Taj Mahal and China’s Forbidden City, resulting in the multi-platinum album “Tribute”. He invested millions of dollars into the project before a single sound was recorded. His organization mounted a near biblical effort with the region of Uttar Pradesh to improve roads and build two bridges in order that the flood plains surrounding the Taj Mahal could be transformed for three historic concerts beneath one of the world’s greatest wonders. While allowing India’s citizens to see a musical performance in front of the country’s signature structure, Tribute ultimately led to three million dollars in donations to a Taj preservation fund. The recording of Tribute proceeded to China, where Yanni staged a new historic feat at another of the world’s great architectural achievements, The Forbidden City. Between India and China, Yanni played to a collective audience of 250 million people.