Fee Structure/Rules and Regulations

May 7, 2016

Admission Fees ( One Time ) – Rs. 500

For Group ClassesFor Individual ClassesFor casual learners
Once a WeekRs 2200/- for 4 classes Once a WeekRs 3000/- for 4 classesOnly Group Classes Rs 1500/- for 4 classes
Twice a WeekRs 3600/- for 8 classesTwice a WeekRs 4600/- for 8 classes
QuarterlyRs 6000/- for 12 classesQuarterlyRs 7200/- for 12 classes

Rules & Regulations

01. The fees once paid is non-refundable and non-transferable (except admission fees which may be refunded after first class).

02. In case a student cancels or misses a lesson or more, the student will be marked absent. However if the class is cancelled due to absence of the trainer then the school will reschedule the class.

03. If a student leaves the school or takes a break from the school after finishing his classes his registration will remain valid for 3 months from the last class taken. Thus if the student rejoins within 3 months he or she does not need to pay admission fees again however a rejoining fees of Rs. 500 will be applicable.

04. Any extended period of absence, due to any reason ( examinations, work tour, family engagements etc. ), has to be notified to the management at least 2 weeks prior. A written application has to be submitted to the management for the same. Failure to submit an application will result in the student being charged the standard module fee for the relevant period of absence

05. Students pursuing additional disciplines are not required to pay any additional admission charges.

06. Students may avail twice a week classes on payment of double the monthly fee. Such students will be eligible to a discount of Rs. 200/- for group classes and Rs 400/- for individual lessons, on the total monthly fee.

07. Students who fail to deposit the fee on time will not be allowed to attend classes. Additionally the student shall incur a penalty of Rs 200/- per week post the scheduled date of payment

08. Any classes missed due to late payment of fee will not be made up by the school.

09. All changes and queries related to extra lessons, timetables, payments, holidays, attendance, etc. have to be communicated to the school office only. Teachers will not be able to help you on these issues.

10. School will remain closed on all National Holidays and other prescribed holidays. The school will not make up classes falling on these days. Please refer to list of holidays.

11.  Students appearing for examination under any examining board are required to purchase original copy of the examination pieces.

12. Students are required to possess an instrument of the recommended quality for all instrumental studies.

13. Students appearing for exams are required to submit extra Examination fee. This fee is forwarded to the representative of the concerned Examination Board (amount will vary depending on the examination Board and Grade). This fee is not included in student’s tuition fee or in any Charges paid by the student to the school. Parents may collect the receipt of such exam fee from the school office after one month of payment of fee.

14. The school management reserves the right to make changes to admission fees, tuition fees etc. and all decisions taken by the management will be final and binding.