5 reasons why learning music is so important by School of Symphony

June 14, 2016


Are you one of those people who really want to learn music but wonder if it will be that helpful or would it just eat away your time? Here are the 5 topmost reasons why learning music is so much important in our lives.


  • There is a specific music present for every mood or every emotion. Although at some times we may like listening to some music that represents negative emotions like depression, anger, pain or failure but there are some music pieces that gives us joy, determination, love, passion, energy and enthusiasm. Some music may also remind us of some good times with our friends, family or our lover. One such collection of music that represents highly positive emotions and will bring a quantum change your lives is already recorded by School of Symphony.


  • Holding a guitar in hand or letting your fingers flow on a piano is bound to impress everyone near you. It is probably the easiest way to start conversation with a girl or boy that you like or may be to impress your girlfriend or boyfriend. Or may be you can just score some big points within your friend circle. Or if you are married, you can play your wife’s favorite song on the guitar when she is angry with you. Or you can call that someone special on his/her birthday night at 12 am and play the birthday song for him/her on the phone.


  • When was the last time that you heard from someone “I hate music”? We would be surprised if you have ever heard it. Everyone loves music. Music connects us together. It is the only language that every soul understands. So you may listen to Rock, Country, Rap, Jazz, Hip Hop or you may not even know the name of the genre that you like. But if you love music then you are connected to us and every other soul in this world.


  • It has been scientifically proven that students who are involved in music education programs do better on standardized math and science tests and have high CAT scores. Similarly studies have also shown that businessmen or other working people who are learning music perform much better in their financial life than the people who don’t.


  • The day one creates his or her own music is the day when one achieves nirvana. This works like magic but creating your own music will really change your life and the way you look at it. Your quality of life will go one level higher and you will perform better even in your family or professional life. Learning music is a need that every soul has. Any one who is not fulfilling this need is probably living a life much below its true potential.


We would finally like to add one more thing. Even though most of the people know these benefits, very few of them actually ever take a step ahead to learn music because they have this myth that learning music is very difficult. Believe us when we say that learning music is the easiest thing to do if you have the passion to do it. And we really mean it.

Life is very short. It is all about these small moments. We get so much stuck up in our jobs or college that we never give time to our hobbies which used to give us the most pleasure. We make our life so complex running from home to work and back only because we hope that one day we will get time to do things that we love to do. But life is a journey and not a destination. If you are not doing the things that you really want to do then may be you will look back from your death bed and realize that you should have atleast tried once andtaken the first step. So if you ever wanted to learn music then THIS IS YOUR CHANCE…